Problems That Should Be Paid Attention to When Installing the Razor Wire

Jun. 30, 2021

As a Razor Fence Machine Manufacturer, share it with you. In order to prevent theft, the wall has also undergone many changes. From the beginning of placing glass fragments on it to the use of razor wire, etc., the more simple and stronger protection effect is to protect the lives and industrial safety of citizens. The detailed installation methods are as follows. The razor wire has 3-7 buckles every 2 turns, and it is locked in turns. After being opened, it will form a spiral shape. When stretching, be careful to wear protective gloves to prevent scratches.

When you open it, fix one side of the gillnet, and then open it in the opposite direction. Pay attention to the gap between the holes not too much, otherwise it will affect the beautiful effect. Gradually send it back when you receive it. The operation is simple and the construction is convenient. In the installation process of the razor wire, how many Y-shaped brackets can be actually used according to the length of the wall, generally 5-10 meters is appropriate.

China Razor Mesh Trellis

China Razor Mesh Trellis

Fix the Y-shaped bracket on the wall, during which the Y-shaped bracket can be perforated according to the actual situation, and then install the gill net to play a fixed effect. After that, pull a steel wire on both sides of the Y-shaped bracket of the razor barbed wire to fix the barbed wire to avoid shaking from side to side. There are many things to pay attention to when installing the razor barbed wire, but the thing to pay attention to is its own safety, because the wound is not well healed after a cut due to the knife edge of the razor barbed wire, so you must first be safe when installing it.

A thicker pair of protective gloves are indispensable, because customers have reported that they cut two pairs with ordinary gloves, so in order to protect our hands from unnecessary damage, we must wear gloves to avoid injury. Secondly, two people are required to perform the razor wire device together to avoid injury caused by rebound when one person is installed. You must be cautious when installing the device, and you must not be irritable to avoid being damaged due to negligence.

After the razor wire device is finished, it must be rested and then reached. The razor wire device is a good choice on the fence, because the razor wire is covered with sharp spikes, and the direct distance between the two spikes is relatively close, and then it is useful to prevent people from climbing and climbing.

Especially in the surrounding area of a large planned factory area, because the factory area is relatively large and the security personnel are relatively small, it is easy to cause thieves to enter the factory area to carry out theft. However, if razor wire is installed around it, this possibility will be eliminated. Sex has been reduced a lot, and the sharp spikes have had a relatively large shocking effect on it both from the appearance and from the heart.

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