Plastic Anti-bird mesh

Plastic Anti-bird Mesh

knitted bird netting

Knitted bird netting is made of UV stabilized high density polyethylene monofilament yarn that are knitted into an open mesh fabric. Bird netting is typically divided into three types, knotted bird netting, knitted bird netting and extruded bird netting. It was common made from UV stabilized copolymer nylon, polyethylene and polypropylene, which shares the characteristics of anti-UV, anti-aging, good tensile strength, non-toxic, lightweightand durable etc. You can see it quite often used in orchard and vegetable to prevent fruits and vegetable from eaten by birds. In addition, bird netting can be used to reduce the plants' damage caused by bats, hail, butterflies, pigeon.

Birds are human‘s friends. They can prey on pests, but when the fruits are ripe, they will peck at the fruits, this is a problem as well as a challenge. Traditional methods are either ineffective or harmful for birds. As the development, polypropylene plastic anti-bird net had come into the market. This anti-bird mesh not only can protect the fruit but also does not harm the birds. Our plastic bird nets have different colors, you can be selected according to different requirements. Studies have shown that the yellow anti-bird net is more effective for mountain orchards, while the white anti-bird mesh is more suitable for vineyard, the clear anti-bird mesh can show it good hidden effect, also many customers use the black plastic anti-bird mesh they consider it can give the bird some caution. The most commonly used specifications are about 15 mm to 4 mm (mesh hole size), 2 cm mesh can prevent small birds such as sparrows, 4 cm mesh can effectively prevent magpies, crows, and other larger birds. We also can customize special specifications according to your request.

Our anti-bird net is made of high-quality polyethylene, as the responsible plastic netting maker, we refuse to use the recycled material. We add UV and anti-aging and other chemical materials to increase service life. The stretching craft made the anti-bird fence have great tensile strength, water resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, and other characteristics. According to our customer feedback, it not only has a very prominent performance in preventing birds and pests but also can greatly reduce the utilization rate of pesticides. In this way, we can get crops and fruits more environmentally friendly and healthy.


Knotted bird netting

Knotted bird netting is made of UV stabilized high density polyethylene. The knotted structure supplies more tensile strength than the knitted and extruded bird netting. Knotted bird netting is mainly used as pigeon netting, bat netting and pond netting.

Knitted bird netting

Knitted bird netting is made of UV stabilized high density polyethylene monofilament yarn. It is lightweight and easy to install. The knitted bird netting is mainly used in the gardens to prevent birds, butterfly and other insects from eating the crops, vegetables and fruits.

Extruded bird netting

Extruded bird netting is mainly made of the polypropylene and high density polyethylene, which is UV stabilized. The extruded bird netting is mainly used in the gardens to protect fruits, flowers, crops and other plants from being eaten by the birds. Especially, the extruded bird netting can be used as the butterfly netting to prevent the butterflies from laying eggs on the cabbages and eating them.


Knitted bird netting is used in places with high level of bird infestation. Commonly used in the seeds, grains, vegetables, fruit trees and other crops to keep birds away. It provides a safe, chemical free, easy-to-apply solution that does not harm birds or other wildlife.

It can also be used as keep birds from roosting on outdoor structures such as barns, garages. 

Knitted bird netting can also be used for covering ponds to protect fish from heron attacking whilst also keeping out the leaves.

Mesh Size(mm) 15*15,18*18,20*20,20*25,15*20,25*30
Length(m)100-1000 or as your request
ColorWhite, Black, Green Or as your request
UsageAnti-birds, breeding industry
  • Q: Can I have a sample and how long it will cost?

    A: Yes, we are willing to offer the sample for you, it will cost 3 to 5 days as normal.

  • Q: How many could I purchase at least?

    A: The MOQ is 500 meters, if we have the specification in stock, the MOQ can less than this. Welcome for inquiry.

  • Q: What about the leading time?

    A: About 3-45 working days, it depends on your quantities.

  • Q: How about the shipping method?

    A: By Air, By Sea, by express

  • Q: What’s the payment method you support?

    A: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram.

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