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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter is in the shute direction and is woven in both plain and twill weave patters. Yingtaier is the one of most professional stainless steel wire mesh filter factory in china. We control and inspect each link strictly. 

We aim at not only offer the high quality product but also help our customer save the purchase fund. Stainless steel wire mesh filter is one of the most versatile media in the field of surface filtrations. The micron-leveled apertures are uniformly and precisely distributed, giving mesh filter greater accuracy, and can be used to filter the smallest particles in the world including a multitude of industries and applications like plastic & rubber reclamation. Stainless steel filter mesh is the most popular item for its good can resisting high temperatures, corrosions and transformation. If you need customize we are willing to try our best service for you.



Precise aperture for filtration.

Extremely high temperature.

Excellent corrosion resistance.

Washable, reusable & durable.

Shape customized as your request

Productstainless steel wire mesh filter
Material304SS,316SS, or customize as your request
UsageFood, water, beverage, printing machine, petroleum chemical industry, oil, gas filtration, Hydraulic Filtration.
PackingPlastic bag, box, carton or as your request
ShippingBy air, sea, land transportation
Payment TermT/T, LC, West Union

Table 1 Plain dutch woven wire mesh 
ItemMesh count per inchAbsolute micron retentionWeight
Cloth thickness (mm)
00180 × 30032-360.980.25
00280 × 40036-450.820.23
00350 × 25056-6310.32
00450 × 28071-7510.32
00540 × 20075-801.30.4
00630 × 15080-10010.5
00724 × 110100-1122.50.76
00822 × 140140-1702.10.66
00920 × 150160-1801.550.5
01020 × 150170-1901.60.55
01118 × 100200-2102.050.69
01214 × 110220-2402.150.72
01312 × 95240-2602.30.79
01414 × 88280-3003.150.76
01510 × 90270-2902.50.93
01612 × 64280-3004.11.21
01710 × 70315-33531.04
0188 × 85330-3502.50.93

 Table 2 Twill dutch woven wire mesh 
ItemMesh count per inchAbsolute micron retentionWeight
Cloth thickness (mm)
001510 × 36004-50.30.06
002400 × 28005-60.360.06
003375 × 23006-70.390.08
004325 × 23007-80.470.09
005260 × 15508-100.680.12
006250 × 140011-120.680.12
007200 × 140011- 130.750.14
008130 × 70013-151.60.28
009200 × 112015-170.950.16
010165 × 140015-180.70.15
011165 × 110020-210.90.16
01280 × 70034-361.20.26
01340 × 56071-801.70.39
01430 × 36095-1062.60.54
01530 × 250100-1123.20.65
01620 × 260110-1203.10.67
01728 × 560106-1121.950.46
01824 × 300112-1182.850.63

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Wire Mesh Filter

Wire mesh filter is in the shute direction and is woven in both plain and twill weave patters. We use stainless steel woven mesh 304, 304L, 316, 316L as filter media in the patterns of plain, twilled, dutch weave.

Wire Mesh Filter Discs

Wire mesh filter discs are made with stainless steel wire mesh, cooper wire mesh and brass wire mesh. It as the filter layers with variety of shapes in using of chemical or mining.

Filter Wire Mesh (Knitted)

Knitted wire mesh filter is a kind of compressed wire mesh filter elements providing a random flow and filtration effects. Boegger Company can supply the knitted wire mesh filter in the form of airbag filter

Clean Stainless Steel Filter Mesh

You can clean a stainless-steel filter mesh.

The process involves choosing an effective detergent that does not react with the stainless-steel filter mesh.

The cleaning process involves the use of the backwashing process.

Backwashing involves the use of pressurized water that flows in reverse, that is, from the output to the input.

As it flows, all the contaminants that are present within the stainless-steel filter mesh flow out via the input.

This ensures that your stainless-steel filter mesh is always clean.


· Mining Industry

the use of Stainless-Steel filter mesh plays a critical role in the mining industry.

Its function is to separate minerals from their organic cores.

This allows for the extraction of pure minerals such as gold and diamond.

They also help in filtering the sludge to avoid environmental pollution.

· Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, the importance of Stainless-Steel filter mesh is to allow for proper mixing and filtration of the various chemicals.

This enables the final products to meet the required chemical levels and standards.

Proper chemical filtration prevents the negative effects of having the wrong chemicals on the final product.

· Food Industry

Stainless-Steel filter mesh is of common use in the food industry as it aids in the manufacturing of consumer-friendly foods.

In soft drinks, they are used in the filtration of chemicals and fruits to get the required proportions.

In the manufacture of confectionaries, the use of Stainless-Steel filter mesh helps in removing impurities.

· Pharmaceutical Industry

Drugs are sensitive substances that require an appropriate manufacturing process.

The use of Stainless-Steel filter mesh helps in the filtering of unwanted particles and compounds in the drug manufacturing process.

· Industrial Waste Filtration

Stainless-Steel filter mesh helps in removing harmful chemicals and unwanted particles from the water before allowing it to flow back to the system.

  • Q: Can I have a sample and how long it will cost?

    A: Yes, we are willing to offer the sample for you, it will cost 3 to 5 days as normal.

  • Q: How many could I purchase at least?

    A: The MOQ is 500 meters, if we have the specification in stock, the MOQ can less than this. Welcome for inquiry.

  • Q: What about the leading time?

    A: About 3-45 working days, it depends on your quantities.

  • Q: How about the shipping method?

    A: By Air, By Sea, by express

  • Q: What’s the payment method you support?

    A: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram.

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