Anti-bird mesh for plant protection

Jan. 24, 2022

Anti-bird mesh are mainly used to protect fruits and vegetables from butterflies, birds, pigeons, rabbits, squirrels and other similar pests and harmful birds. Anti-bird mesh can be easily fixed to beds, trees, and shrubs and can be used for several seasons. 


As one of the leading bird protection mesh suppliers, Yingtaier offers many different types of bird protection mesh. Different types of fine plastic mesh are available in different mesh sizes. It is important to choose the correct mesh size for your particular bird problem. It is critical that birds are unable to get over the net and get trapped behind it or stuck in it. The larger the bird, the larger the mesh size should be used.

Anti-bird mesh for plant protection


Bird block mesh are usually black, green or white in color; our bird mesh are made of 100% pure polypropylene and polyethylene materials that are UV treated to last longer outdoors.


Yingtaier offers the best anti-bird mesh

1. Heavy duty extruded bird netting, which is a knotted polyethylene

The net consists of six monofilaments, each 0.0012 thick, twisted together to form a strong twist of 160-200 twists per meter. It is very suitable for large areas where birds are a problem, such as warehouses, canopies, aircraft hangars and other overhangs.

2. Knitted bird protection netting, i.e. diamond-shaped netting 

3. Extruded bird netting, made of solid black PP material, which is diamond and square 3/4 inch mesh and can be cut to any size. It can be cleaned and folded up for easy and compact storage.


Selection of anti-bird mesh according to technical requirements and applications

Technical information.

Bird protection mesh are available in black, white or other custom colors.

Hole sizes: 15mm, 20mm or 30mm or other sizes.

Net width: 1m to 25m

Length: 5 to 1000m or according to your choice.


HDPE PE plastic agricultural anti-bird mesh

Material: 100% virgin hdpe; 0.3% uv added

Net weight: 25-30-40g/m2

Mesh hole: 5*5; 2*2; 6*6; 8*5

Color: blue; yellow; green; red (as required)

Width: 5-15m (as required)

Roll length: 1-50m;1-100m;1-200m (as required)

Type: package knitting

Anti-bird mesh


Features of anti-bird mesh

Longer lifespan-UV resistant, easy to install, light weight.

Easy to install practical and safe, extremely durable net that can be used for years.


Applications of anti-bird mesh

Bird netting is necessary in both the public and private sectors as it can be used in different applications such as

✱ Protecting orchards, vegetable crops and macro tunnels.

✱ Protection of buildings, warehouses, and buildings.

✱ Protection of churches, monuments.

✱ Aquaculture protection.

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