Differences between Nylon and Polyester Mesh

Feb. 17, 2022

Differences between Nylon and Polyester Mesh

You are able to use polyester mesh for many of the applications and processes where you would use nylon mesh. But there are differences between these two materials. Both nylon and polyester may be produced using synthetic processes involving thermo plastic polymers. However, nylon is made from polyamides, while polyester is made from various polyester materials and is also able to be manufactured using plant materials. Another difference between the two is the way that they feel. Polyester often has more of a fiber-like feeling, whereas nylon can seem almost more silk-like. When it comes to the stretch ability of the mesh screen, nylon is able to be stretched, more than polyester.


Polyester Mesh Is Suited for Various Applications

Polyester mesh screen includes several properties, making it suited for several applications. Polyester is water resistant, has a resistance to certain chemicals, can withstand higher temperatures because of its higher melting point, and is resistant to most types of solvents. One specific application used for polyester is to create mesh screens used in mesh screen printing processes. In this industry, polyester screening is commonly used for printing processes that are in high demand and require precision accuracy in the area where inks are being applied, such as directly onto circuit boards. But, polyester has a lower wear resistance than nylon, so it has to be checked more frequently. For processes that do not require precision and standard screen printing process, nylon is more commonly used, in place of polyester, due to its higher wear resistance.


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