How to Prevent the Railroad Razor Wire From Rusting?

Jul. 26, 2021

Razor cords are used in military powerhouses, detention centers, banks and residential community walls, villa guardrails, etc. Generally, razor cords are installed outdoors, so how to prevent the razor cord from rusting? Let me tell my friends, you should know that the general electro-galvanized barbed wire will rust after a period of use, which will seriously affect the beauty of the barbed wire.

Concertina Barbed Wire

Concertina Barbed Wire

Because the razor wire is installed outdoors, the atmospheric humidity in the air is relatively low. The water vapor content is compared with its full water vapor content, which is the relative humidity. The corrosion rate of metal anti-rust oil is relatively small. The relative humidity of the atmosphere is relatively low. The impact of metal corrosion is relatively large. When the atmospheric humidity is higher than the critical water film, it will aggravate the corrosion, followed by temperature and humidity.

There is a certain correlation between atmospheric temperature and humidity. The organic waste gas treatment agent here shows that the atmosphere will cause certain corrosion of the razor barbed wire. A good way is to use hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel barbed wire, which can greatly extend the service life of the barbed wire. We all know that the protection of the barbed wire is very strong, and the protection of the razor barbed wire can be better here.

In places such as railways that require strong protection capabilities, there is an increasing demand for razor wire. So what kind of protection principle does this razor wire have? I will tell my friends. You must know that the appearance of the razor wire is covered with. Many blades may be punctured by carelessness during use. Therefore, two methods, galvanizing and painting, are used on the appearance of the product to avoid rust.

Although the price of the razor wire is relatively low, the galvanized razor wire can be used in various environments and has good advantages in resisting natural disasters, corrosion and oxidation. If you use the razor barbed wire outdoors for a long time, you will not worry about the appearance of the galvanized surface falling off. It is the sprayed razor barbed wire, and the barbed wire treated by the sprayed surface has a very good anti-corrosion ability. The agent of the plastic crusher here shows that the sprayed razor barbed wire has good waterproof effect, and the construction is very convenient.

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