Why Should The Fence and Barbed Wire Be Allocated and Used?

Aug. 11, 2021

In the protection engineering of fence nets, the separation of fence nets and barbed cords is often presented, and there are some rules and methods for this mutual distribution. Why should the fence and barbed wire be allocated and used? There are two types of fence nets installed on the fence and the barbed wire distributed to each other. As a Razor Fence Machine Manufacturer, share with you.

Welded Razor Blade Wire Mesh Fence

Welded Razor Blade Wire Mesh Fence

One is to install on the top of the fence, the fence net is Y-shaped or the top is bent to one side with a 30-degree angle, and a barbed wire is installed on the top of the fence to prevent people from climbing over. The other is to be installed in the middle and upper part of the fence near the top side, the height of the fence is higher than the top of the fence, and the barbed wire is installed at the top of the fence.

Mutual distribution of the fence net and the barbed wire installed in the air When the barbed wire fence is directly installed in the air, the installation methods of the barbed wire include the Y-type installation method and the straight-line installation method. Y-type installation method is to install the drum blade barbed wire. The straight-line installation method is to install the ordinary barbed wire, directly swing the barbed wire and fix it on the column or a separate fixing frame. The types of barbed cords are razor barbed cords and ordinary barbed cords.

In the meantime, the razor barbed wire is often presented in a drum style, with a diameter of 50 cm. It can be stretched at both ends to control the construction length of the blade within a certain range. Ordinary barbed wire is a kind of protective product with knotted thorns, which is braided with galvanized iron wire or stainless steel wire. The distribution and application of fence net and barbed wire can play a better role.

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