How To Install Razor Barbed Wire Safely

Dec. 02, 2021

Razor Barbed Wire is a high-security wire that forms large coils that unfold like a hexagonal seven-stringed lute. It is sharper than standard barbed wire. The multi-edged blades are designed to cause severe cuts to anyone who tries to crawl through, making it a strong psychological deterrent. Perfect for securing your home.

If you are interested in razor wire or want to buy and use it, it is necessary to know how it should be installed. If you know little about the installation of razor wire, please do not try it lightly, because it is easy to hurt yourself and dangerous.

In this article, we will provide you with some detailed installation guidelines based on our experience.

Razor Barbed Wire


Prepare for installation

Measure and calculate how long razor wire is needed.

Measure the distance between the clips and the clamps. This determines the distance between the coils.

Determine the number of coils, each of which can be 8 to 15 feet apart.

Inspect the razor wire itself to make sure it is not rusty.

Note the following: material, blade type, blade thickness, core wire diameter and number of turns per coil.

Prepare the tools and accessories needed for installation.


Tools required

Razor Wire Gloves: Gloves for hand and wrist protection that are cut, puncture and abrasion resistant. The sleeves of the lower and upper arms need further protection.

Warning Signs: Be aware of potential hazards. We recommend securing warning signs at 10 m intervals along the running length of the fence.

Durable Ground Hooks: Used to securely fasten hexagonal accordion coils to the ground.


General steps for Razor Barbed Wire installation

1. First, install the wire fence or metal fence.

2. Then attach the Razor Wire bracket to the fence.

3. Install the parallel razor wire on the fence.

4. Finally, install the wrapped razor wire on the fence with the help of clamps and welding.

Barbed wire has great advantages. Razor wire does not rust because they are made with a hot-dipped galvanized coating. In addition, because it is produced in a special manufacturing machine, its blades are always sharp.

Barbed wire has beautiful sharp blades and a strong core, which has a good deterrent effect and provides users with an effective solution with its beautiful appearance, easy installation and economic practicality .

Barbed wire is widely used in apartments, organizational units, prisons, border fences, military camps and other areas with strict security requirements.


On the ground

This type is relatively easy to install and you should have seen it on TV in military barracks because it is very fast and can be deployed quickly as an effective defensive barrier.

First, install a set of X-shaped fence posts (they are made of two wooden poles put together) at regular intervals on the ground. Then extend the razor wire, slowly stretching it and placing it on each X-shaped fence post. Finally, you can tie the fence posts and barbed wire together, reinforcing them with rope or wire at the points of contact.

Our biggest advice to you is to be very careful when installing, especially when stretching the blade, make sure you hold the coil firmly or it may pop out and accidentally injure you. After installation, check that the fastening is complete and does not allow any looseness.


On a high fence

Climb up the ladder and place a loop of barbed wire on top of one side of the 358 security fence and secure it. Be sure to be careful, if it is not convenient to climb high, you can remove the fence first, install it, and then put the whole thing up.

Then, stretch the coil all the way to the other end of the top of the fence and secure it again.

Distribute the coil of wire as evenly as possible along the fence, without leaving too many gaps. Try not to walk around to prevent cutting yourself. If you are concerned about it being unstable, use thin rope and tie it tightly every few inches.


Different Types of Razor Wire for Different Application Purpose

Flat razor wire

Flat razor wire is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, which has good hardness, rigidity, and longer service life. We can also intersect various rolls of flattened single coil concertina wire and then fasten them with clips or tie wires. It can be used individually or combined with other fences to form an security wall for various sites fencing.


Straight razor wire

The material of straight razor wire can only be galvanized steel wire, so anti-corrosion effect is better, According to different purposes of customers, there are various ways to install. It can be used individually, and also can be used with other fences. It's mainly applicable to residential area, storage room, coal mine base, farming site, also used for tourist interest fencing, park fencing and so on.


Concertina or spiral razor wire

Concertina or spiral razor wire is a kind of common razor wire, it occupies more than 80% of the market. It's easy to install and has a good anti- theft effect, It's easy to install and has a good anti- theft effect, and it's widely used for border fencing, also installed on the walls for factory fencing or residence fencing. Generally border line fencing razor wire outer diameter is 800 or 900 mm, but civilian will choose the type of 500 mm outer diameter.

How To Install Razor Barbed Wire Safely


Welded razor wire

Diamond welded mesh straight razor wire gives people a kind of unique feeling. There are various mesh openings, generally the mesh openings are 70 × 150 mm There are various mesh openings, generally the mesh openings are 70 × 150 mm and 100 × 150 mm, and this razor wire is often manufactured with frame for fixing function. This wire mesh is anti climb, and can greatly prevent the behaviors of greedy people to stop the crime. Welded razor wire is often combined with the concertina razor wire to achieve high level security and used by military fighters for army fencing, frontier fencing or some strict organizations fencing.

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