When to use orange fencing

Dec. 15, 2021

A perforated, flexible, waist-high orange fence defines a boundary or alerts people to a hazard. The message conveyed is that the area beyond the temporary barricade should not be breached. It is the color that sends the message, not the height, strength or permanence of the barrier.

Orange is defined as a "warning" color by OSHA and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and is designated to designate "mechanical or energized equipment" that "may cut, crush, or otherwise injure ". Fluorescent orange or orange-red is also the color with the appropriate biohazard symbol for identifying blood and infectious waste containers. Neither agency specifically defines the use of flexible orange fencing, but its use is a common practice for hazards.

In the general language of colors, red represents a hazard, yellow warning, and blue information; green indicates safety equipment and orange indicates a warning.

Orange Plastic Snow Fence


Orange fencing protects environmentally sensitive areas

As I drive along the highway, I wonder what the purpose of orange mesh plastic fences is.

Sometimes they are next to the sidewalk, sometimes behind the guardrail, sometimes perpendicular to the road, and sometimes winding. To my uninformed eye, these fences just seemed like something to add to the cost of construction. I think all of you readers would like to know what these orange plastic mesh fences are used for.

Orange fencing is used to clearly mark and protect environmentally sensitive areas as we proceed with highway construction. Placing bright orange fencing around critical areas prevents construction crews from accidentally damaging or violating local environmental permits. Crews working on or near the road can easily see the fence and know to avoid these critical areas during construction.


Orange Warning Barrier Fence:

Designed for sporting events and construction sites. Fence posts can be spaced for apart, no sharp edges, solid bands top and bottom, available in 50' or Fence posts can be spaced for apart, no sharp edges, solid bands top and bottom, available in 50' or 100' rolls in orange, white or green.


Specification of Orange color plastic mesh warning barrier:

Material: Orange barrier made from high density polyethylene

Fence Width: 1M 1.2M 1.5M 1.8M 2.0M

Long: 30M, 50M

Mesh size in mm: 100x40, 80x40, 100x26, 90x26, 80x26, 70x26, 60x26, 80x45

Weight: 80g to 200gper square meter

Colour: Orange, black, green, blue

Ultraviolet Resistance: Fully stabilized

Temperature Range: -60 degrees F. to 180 degrees F

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