How to utilize floral support netting for your garden

Oct. 29, 2021

What is floral support netting?

Floral support nets are a cost effective way to add support to flowers and plants. The use of nets allows plants to grow through the net and provides the best support for the plants. By using this type of net, plants are able to maximize their exposure to light and fresh air. The use of floral and vegetable support nets allows plants to receive the greatest amount of light and air and prevents damage to valuable floral crops. Guiding your plants and flowers is an effective and essential technique for spacing your plants in an even manner and keeping them in a straight position. Gardeners need floral support netting to grow plants and flowers successfully.

Plastic Plant Support Trellis(netting)


What are the features of floral support netting?

▴Easy to handle

▴UV resistant

▴Requires less water, saving you money

▴Space between plants reduces friction and strangulation of vines

▴Provides thermal effect

▴Very lightweight

Reduces sun damage to plants

▴Strong wind protection

▴Resists corrosion and rust

▴Good for the environment and reusable

▴Available in a wide range of colors and sizes

▴Wide opening for entry during harvest

▴Improves yields

▴Reduces pet damage and ground rot


How do I use it?

Floral tray netting provides great support for climbing vines and plants such as beans and cucumbers. It can be used vertically in two ways for climbers, or horizontally in single or multiple layers.

Using the horizontal method works well for plants because the support net is separated into different layers. Flowers and plants grow through each layer, so they will continue to be supported no matter how high they grow into their bodies and stems.


Can it handle all weather conditions?

If you are using floral support netting for fragile, slender and branched plants, it is recommended that some hail protection netting be installed. The protective netting is UV stabilized and durable enough to handle hail and the whistling of strong winds. As a result, your flowers and crops will not be damaged, creating the equivalent of happier plants with higher yields. Hail protection will also provide additional protection for birds and small animals.


Can I use flower net protection to tutor my tomatoes?

Tomato plants are very fragile when growing and you can only benefit greatly by providing some form of support. Flower support netting will help stabilize and keep the plant straight and prevent it from falling off while supporting the plant as it fruits. It works by allowing each branch to grow through each level of the network; it then supports each layer of the plant with the weight of the added fruit.

This prevents the plant from sagging to the ground and rotting. Double-walled nets are the best tomato coaching system, in which the plant is enclosed within two mesh walls. In this way, the tomato branches grow and pass through the net and are then supported as they flower and produce large amounts of fruit and begin to become heavy. It can also help improve plant production by reducing mechanical stress and not touching the plants as much as usual. By using support netting, it will help keep plants organized together and safe from people brushing over and breaking stems on the sidewalk. You also help keep the garden bed ventilated and moist, which is important for plants to grow healthy foliage. Tomatoes act as a single support, gradually increasing to the growth rate of the plants. Usually three 33 x 33 cm squares are used, followed by a floral support net when planting foliage.

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