Possible legal issues to be aware of when using barbed wire

Nov. 01, 2021

Barbed wire can help prevent livestock from roaming on farms and use it to create perimeters around newly claimed land. Inexpensive to purchase and maintain and easy to install, barbed wire reduces the cost of enclosing land.

Today, barbed wire fencing remains a popular choice for agriculture and a variety of other industries. Newer laws govern its use, so if you are considering installing a new barbed wire fence, be aware of the following possible legal issues.

Barbed Razor Wire Mesh


You may need to prove that it is necessary for residential use

While most places prohibit the use of barbed wire, you can claim that it is necessary in some cases. You can get permission to use barbed wire fencing by obtaining a court order that the material is necessary to protect people or property.


Neighbor permission is usually required

In some areas, if the fence falls on the boundary between each other's land, you can only install barbed wire with the permission of the neighboring landowner. Landowners should always check this to confirm the legal implications of erecting barbed wire without the permission of the adjacent landowner.


You may not be able to use it in urban areas

Barbed wire is mostly banned in urban areas given that it can be very dangerous to people and animals. This means that you may not be able to install it in residential areas of a town or city because it is likely to be prohibited.

Most types of fencing installations on domestic properties usually require planning permission, and most of them prohibit the use of certain materials altogether, namely barbed and wire fencing.


You must comply with legal fencing requirements

Barbed wire fencing is legal in a variety of situations, especially for landowners in rural areas and in various industrial zones. However, whenever barbed wire is installed, you must meet the legal fencing requirements as determined by local legislation. For example, most legal barbed wire fences require limits on the number of wires, their distance from the ground, barb sizes, and that they be securely attached to a certain number of posts. Check your local laws to clarify what is legal for fencing in your area.


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