The Many Uses of Plastic Mesh

Feb. 28, 2022

Plastic netting for agriculture and pest control

Birds and bats may be great for controlling bug populations, but you don't want them invading your eaves, rafters or attic space. Their droppings are disgusting and unhealthy, and bats can carry rabies. Bird nests can also clog chimneys, gas or dryer vents, and drains, creating a serious safety hazard. Keep them out with plastic directional mesh. We offer a wide range of mesh sizes and roll lengths of bird netting. Plastic netting is an effective, humane and environmentally friendly method of exclusion.

At ground level, plastic netting can be used to block access to the deck or space below the porch. It will prevent rabbits, skunks, opossums, raccoons, mice and other small animals from settling into the home and having babies in these areas. The black netting will blend in well visually and is easy to install.


Garden Netting

Another use for plastic is agricultural netting. Certain types of climbing plants and vegetables need support to grow and increase their production. Lattice netting is an inexpensive and safe way to provide structure for these crops while allowing ample light and air circulation. It can be easily taken down or moved when needed and is durable enough to last for years.


Not only do you need to keep birds from nesting in your building, but you also need to keep them from eating your crops, especially fruit. Once again, plastic nets provide effective pest control. Crop netting, sometimes called blueberry netting, can be mounted on a frame made of materials such as lanyards or PVC pipe, or hung directly from trees and shrubs and secured with zipper ties. It is lightweight and will not rust or corrode.


Plastic mesh fencing

For larger pests, there is also a plastic netting solution. Deer fencing will help prevent Bambi and his friends from using your vegetable or apple orchard as their private buffet. This strong, two-way net is reusable, flexible and easy to maintain. The plastic netting also has no sharp edges to harm the installer or the creatures it stops.


Pond nets for fish protection

Whether you have a decorative backyard pond with koi or goldfish, or an entire fish hatchery (for stocking trout or other species), you need to prevent your fish from becoming a convenient snack for herons, raccoons and other predators. Pond netting can be stretched over the water to protect your fish from being caught and eaten. It has the added benefit of keeping leaves and other debris away from the pond for easy maintenance. You can easily cut it to the size and shape you need, and if your pond is large, you can use PVC pipe to create supports to keep the net from lying on the water's surface. Pond nets can also be used to create non-toxic, non-corrosive bulkheads or fences within your pond.


Chicken coop nets

If you are keeping chickens or pheasants, such as pheasants, plastic poultry netting can provide a safe, economical alternative to wire fencing for chicken coops. It is strong enough to protect your birds from foxes or other predators (especially if it stays buried a few inches around to prevent digging) and is durable in all environmental conditions. Plus, with all the feathers and chicken droppings that might be flying around, plastic netting is easy to keep clean, which is a good thing! We have chicken coop nets in green, black or silver.

The Many Uses of Plastic Mesh


Mesh Security Fencing

Plastic netting protects not only crops and small animals, but also humans. Plastic security fencing provides a highly visible barrier to warn people away from dangerous areas such as construction sites or open manholes. It can also be used to manage the flow of people and crowds at large outdoor events or festivals. Snow fencing is another type of security fence used to control snow (for example, to help prevent snow from entering a roadway).


Plastic netting has many uses and benefits. It is strong, lightweight, reusable, durable, non-toxic, UV stable, rust resistant and has smooth edges. Yingtaier Metal has a wide selection of mesh sizes and shapes, colors and roll sizes. Contact us and let our sales team help you find the right product for your application.


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